The National M&E Framework

The National M&E Framework has been developed to coordinate the process of tracking and monitoring the progress of implementation the National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan for the period 2020/21-2024/25. The Framework provides a guide for a comprehensive data collection process, stakeholder coordination and communicating HIV related data and information. The process of developing the framework was led by a Consultant and was participatory with extensive consultation of key stakeholders involved in the HIV multi sectoral response. The National M&E TWG provided technical support by reviewing the indicators, data sources and reporting mechanisms.

The National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan describes the country’s strategies in responding to the national and global commitments made by the country such as the National Development Plan III the SDGs, the PFTI among others. The M&E Plan aims at ensuring quality and timely collection of HIV and AIDS information to track progress towards attaining the national and global targets. The Plan provides a framework for generating Strategic Information to guide evidence-based decision making on programming, policy making for the HIV response.

Goal of the M&E Framework
To strengthen the national HIV and AIDS strategic information management system for improved effectiveness and efficiency

Objectives of the Framework
  • Strengthen the national mechanism for generating comprehensive, quality and timely HIV and AIDS information for M&E of the NSP
  • Promote information sharing and utilization among producers and users of HIV and AIDS data/information in Uganda, at all levels
The Framework guides the coordination of stakeholders involved in the generation of HIV and AIDS data and reports by outlining the role each stakeholder should play. Based on the recommendations from the Mid Term Review of the previous NSP the framework recommends stronger collaboration with civil society and organizations for generation of none-biomedical data. This is meant to give HIV reporting a multi sectoral perspective by collating data and reports from different sectors through single platforms. This therefore calls for stronger collaboration and partnership among the sectors for the generation of real time data for the HIV response.
The data collection process for national reporting comes through existing sector Management Information Systems both at national and sub national level. The Plan describes the data flow process from the source to the point of reporting and sharing. Information from data shall be synthesized and tailored into HIV and AIDS related communication products for different target audiences such as policy makers, decision makers among the key stakeholders including the Self Coordinating Entities.

The M&E Framework shall enhance the generation of HIV data, the use and dissemination of M&E products to facilitate efficient and effective decision making and programming for HIV interventions. All Stakeholders and Partners are urged to adopt and align their M&E systems to this plan and commit to reporting through the national systems outlined in the framework.


Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC) was established under the Office of the President by statute of parliament in 1992 to coordinate the multi-sectoral response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

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