Uganda has braved the HIV and AIDS scourge for close to four decades. Through visionary leadership, innovation, open dialogue, involvement and commitment at individual, community and Institutional levels, the country has registered significant achievements in addressing then epidemic. Success has been demonstrated through the declining HIV prevalence as well as new infections.

TEnding the AIDS epidemic is now seen as a feasible and achievable target. Accordingly, Uganda has put in place the 95-95-95 targets for ending the AIDS epidemic in the country in line with the UN targets. The Presidential Fast Track Initiative on ending AIDS as a public health threat is targeting elimination of HIV related stigma and discrimination.In Uganda, stigma and the resulting shame, denial, discrimination, inaction, mis-actions and violations of other human rights are major barriers to effective national responses to HIV.

pecifically, stigma and discrimination undermine HIV prevention efforts by making PLHIV or people at risk afraid to: seek HIV information, take up prevention as well as treatment services and failure to disclose their HIV status

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