Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC) was set up by an Act of Parliament (Cap 208) in 1992. The Commission’s mandate is to coordinate and oversee the prevention and control of HIV and AIDS activities in Uganda. The Commission does not engage in direct implementation of interventions but takes strategic leadership in effective harmonization of action by the various players, within agreed policy and programs under thePrinciples of Three Ones:

  • One National HIV/AIDS Coordinating Authority
  • One Strategic Plan
  • One Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

The Institution is composed of both the Commission (Board) and Secretariat (Management).  In 2015, Uganda AIDS Commission developed a Strategic Plan (2015/16 – 2019/20) to achieve its Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives.


The vision of the Commission is to be “A World Class HIV/AIDS Coordinating Institution Steering Uganda TowardsAnHIV Free Generation”.


Our mission is “To provide overall leadership, coordination and management of the multi-sectoral HIV and AIDs response”.


The goal of the Commission for this Strategic Planning period is “A strategically repositioned and strengthened Uganda AIDS Commission for effective and efficient coordination of the Uganda’s Multi-sectoral HIV and AIDS response”.

Strategic Objectives

To realize the goal of the Strategic Plan, the Commission identified 4 areas for strategic interventions, namely:

  1. To strengthen Governance and Management Systems
  2. Resource Mobilization
  3. To enhance Advocacy and Communication for the National HIV Response
  4. To strengthen Strategic Information for Evidence Based Decision Making