Uganda has several Implementing Partners (IPs) providing Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) and HIV and AIDS services in the country.  These IP’s have similar goals and objectives for providing services in the community.  However, coordination and documentation of these services are inadequate to leading to inefficiencies and duplication in service delivery. Above all, access to timely, accurate and up-to-date information on the multi-sectoral HIV response from these IP’s is often difficult.

Uganda AIDS Commission under its mandate of coordinating the multi-sectoral HIV response in Uganda embarked on implementing a collaborative and continuous data quality control and validation strategy targeting AGYW and HIV and AIDS service providers in the country.

The Commission has mapped AGYW and HIV and AIDS service providers in all the 134 districts in the country and established an online database, which is accessible to all partners.  This database provides access to accurate, reliable, relevant and timely information to policy makers, decision makers, program implementers, and HIV and AIDS stakeholders. The database will be updated annually the organizations, validated and uploaded by the Commission.

The AGYW and HIV And AIDS Service Provider’s Database provides the following information:

  • Which organisations (Government, private, faith based, community based, NGOs etc.) are working in the district?
  • What AGYW and HIV & AIDS services are they providing in the District (at District and sub-county levels)?
  • Who (target group) is getting the services?
  • What are the sources of funding?