12th JAR Report -2019

This report presents the country progress of the fourth year of Uganda’s NSP (2015/16 -2019/20) implementation that builds on previous achievements since 2017/18. The report is divided into three (3) main sections which include; the introduction part that summarizes the review approach and report compilation process, the overview of HIV epidemic in Uganda and, the progress made during the FY 2018/19. The report highlights key challenges and implementation gaps as well as recommendations that could be implemented to improve the national response in the final year of NSP implementation as well as inform planning of the next phase of implementation in the country. This report is a result of a highly participatory and consultative process involving the key stakeholders in NSP implementation. The report utilized secondary quantitative data abstracted from the DHIS2, Uganda Country Spectrum Estimates, 2018, OVC MIS, MoES MIS and desk review of reports and spectrum estimates and some selected studies carried out during the review period.

The performance review of the fourth year (2018/19) of NSP implementation shows that the country is making progress towards achieving some of NSP targets as we move into the final year of implementation. However, there are some challenges impeding progress and achievement of some the planned targets within the remaining one year of NSP implementation. This section presents progress made, achievements and challenges in the different NSP thematic area