Philly Lutaaya Day

Philly Lutaaya Day is local advocacy events commemorated on 17th October every year in Uganda in honor of Philly BongoleLutaya (RIP) a Ugandan Legendary who courageously pioneered to give AIDS a human face amidst stigma, discrimination, denial and ignorance.As an Artiste,  Philly used music to educate the population about the epidemic and articulated the strategies for prevention which evolved into the Abstinence, Be Faithful and Use Condoms ‘ABC’ model which was rolled out countrywide.

The Philly Lutaaya Day presents a platform to mobilize the entire population to reflect on individual commitment towards fighting HIV and AIDS.
The Philly Lutaaya commemoration contributes to the most needed opportunities to reach the communities with facts about the HIV situation, disseminate achievements, share strategies and notable research findings as well as awareness about access to care and treatment, social support and HIV prevention.

The event further offers a forum to provide intensive HIV and health services to the communities. Additionally it is an opportunity for AIDS support organizations and partners to showcase their best practices in implementation of HIV activities. Philly Lutaaya commemoration facilitates  re-engagement of leaders about their commitment towards policy development and implementation, resource mobilization and actions targeting improved HIV/AIDS responses.